Marin Summer Activities & Camp Fair


Sponsorship Opportunities:

Sponsors of the Marin Summer Activities & Camp Fair are prominently featured inside the VIP area, located in the entrance lobby to the Fair. Additionally, most sponsors will have their name or logo displayed on most of our marketing collateral (~500 posters, website, emails, postcards, etc.). Sponsors also have the option to self-stuff a flyer, brochure and/or their product inside a tote bag given the to the first several hundred families. The cost for sponsorship is $475.



MEDIA SPONSORS, a minimum of $1,500 worth of advertising space in magazine, newspaper, etc. as well as one email blast to both camps/companies in February as well as to families in early March.

VENDOR sponsorships require a minimum payment of $500 OR and exchange by providing merchandise with our logo (e.g. tote bags, tee-shirts, etc.) or for

Anticipated 2018 Sponsors

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